Fight scene!


I grabbed instead for a drainpipe, ripping it off the wall as I lurched forward. It was tough enough that my fingers only crushed it a little, and that was good. A lot of stuff in the old days would crumble or break the second you tried to hit somebody else with it. Not that I like hitting other entities with spears, but if I have to do it then I want to do it nice and hard.

My attacker didn’t react at all, instead doing something complicated with the long gun it was wielding. I was pretty sure it wasn’t human; I know that mortals are taller these days, but seven feet was pushing it. Plus, it was covered head to toe in a collection of coats, shirts, gloves, and a full head-mask over a floppy hat. That’s just not comfortable for humans. But I wasn’t smelling demon, either.

I decided I could figure it all out after the fight, and charged.