In the Mail: A Place To Run Free.

Just got sent today an ARC of A Place To Run Free from the author, who is a good dude and a beta reader of mine: I’m looking forward to reading it. From the description:

Jake Phillips doesn’t break the rules because he’s a troublemaker. He breaks them because he thinks the rules are stupid. But some rules aren’t meant to be broken. Haunted by memories of fear and violence, Ursus has never known kindness.

An accident sends Jake to an afterlife where pets go to await their human companions. Jake soon discovers it’s not the afterlife he learned about in church. An evil presence stalks the dark places among the trees, searching for dogs and cats to steal away. With Ursus as his guide, Jake sets off on a journey through ancient woods and golden grasslands, determined to put a stop to the disappearances and bring back those who were taken.

Jake isn’t strong, brave, or smart. Most of the time, he isn’t even very nice. But there are animals who need rescue, and there is no one else to save them. He will just have to find strength and courage along the way.