My mini-review of THE SANDMAN.

Now that I’ve watched the first season (but not the interlude?) Short version: it’s pretty f*cking awesome.

Slightly longer version: it’s pretty f*cking awesome, and I don’t give a good goddam what the weird numbers Netflix uses to do its ordering choices. Second season that sucker. Done just the way it’s being done now, too. Including this genius idea of replicating the standalone vignettes that the comic did.

Is THE SANDMAN a perfect replication of the graphic novels? Not quite. Do I care? Absolutely not. Do I want to see all the stuff with Hell and the dead? You betcha.


3 thoughts on “My mini-review of THE SANDMAN.”

  1. I’m now going to read the graphic novels. Was tempted after my first visit to an actual comics store where they had them, if not prominently displayed (difficult as it was classic comics store and thus quite charmingly disheveled) did have some copies out within gripping hand distance.
    There’s a “comics store” closer to me but truth be told it’s a gaming store with occasional comics. And the less said about Newbury Comics (ptui) the better.

  2. It was good. I was half expecting another modern Hollywood repurposing of an existing IP, but it stayed close enough to the original material to be enjoyable, and I liked most of the casting.
    They teased the Season of Mists at the end of the last episode, which makes me hope they’ll green light the next season and keep the quality up. Although I gotta wonder if they’d tackle all the one-offs in Dream Country, or skip it.

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