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  1. Since music threads are open threads…

    Looks like I’ll be stuck at Atlanta International for 3-4 hours .. twice! .. in October.

    Seeking recommendations for a book series (already read ‘Fermi Resolution’, definitely recommend!) to chew on while I wait.

    Must be available in ebook form.

    Considering Bujold’s ‘Sharing Knife’ on the strength of her other works, but not sold yet.


    1. Naomi Novik’s last Scholomance book will out by then; I plan to read it roughly two seconds after midnight the date it comes out, which should give you an idea of how I feel about that series.

      1. ‘s a strong recommendation, I’ll consider it.

        I do enjoy turning the various Potter tropes on their heads .. see also Aaranovich’s Peter Grant, pretty sure at least a few of those got read on red-eye flights to Seattle ..


  2. (1) “Sharing Knife” is one long story split into 4 books.
    (2) In it, Lois is deconstructing some widely-used fantasy tropes. (Spoileriffic sources available on request.)
    So, not what I would pick for airport reading.

    OTOH, I enthusiastically recommend her Penric stories. You can buy them individually on Kindle, or as collections via Baen. (The 3rd collection is due in early November, but can be bought in eARC before then.)

    Cheers — Chris Chittleborough

    1. Yep, already enjoyed the earlier “Five Gods” stuff, from which Penric sprouted. IIRC, a layover at LAX was involved in those purchases.

      Thank you for your feedback on “Sharing Knife”; I will consider alternatives.


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