09/20/2022 Snippet, BUZZ ON THE STREETS.

More conversations!


“So we look out the window, and it ain’t the trash guys. It’s, like, five guys fighting, four on one, and the one’s winning. Knocked them all flat, too. The last one standing, your elf smacked into my window, so hard it cracked.”

The shopkeeper shrugged, and started sweeping again. After a minute I waved my hands around and said, “And?”

“And what?”

“What happened then?”

“Nothing? Your buddy threw them all in a coach, and left.”

“Hold up. There was a coach? With horses?”

“Yeah, Shamus. What did you think they did, run up on foot?”

“I wasn’t here, buddy. You were. So, they had a coach. Was it fancy?”

“It had a coat of arms on it, so yeah. Got dinged up in the fight, though. The guy inside it was yelling a lot when your buddy started throwing the goons inside.”

“So there were five guys, then?”

“No, six.”

Geez, how many people were at this fight, anyway? “Really? Who was the sixth guy? The coach driver?”

The shopkeeper looked at me like I was nuts. “No, the driver was with the four guys fighting your buddy, Shamus. Your buddy was the fifth guy. The guy in the coach, he was the sixth guy.”

“Ah. Gotcha.”

“Didn’t anybody ever teach you to count, Shamus?”

“Only my blessings,” I mumbled.