Old and busted: DIE HARD is a Christmas movie.

New hotness: DIE HARD is a Hannukah movie. Links here, but I’ll sum up: that movie features a man fighting a numerically superior invasion force, using nothing but what he can gather and use. Well, that and his own grim determination, his abundant (and highly sarcastic) mother-wit, and the nigh-tangible favor of the LORD. It also ends with a remarkable lack of forgiveness and charity, which really doesn’t fit a Christmas movie. You’re supposed in those to have the bad guys figure out they’re being bad on their own, and not figure it out halfway down the building you’ve just dropped him out of.

…Okay, I’m convinced. I wonder how you say THE LINE in Hebrew?


3 thoughts on “Old and busted: DIE HARD is a Christmas movie.”

  1. “Yippee ki yay” is “yippee ki yay”, no matter which language you choose. It’s the last remnant of the ur-language, pre Babel.

    The other term simply does not translate into hebrew.

  2. Google Translate says this, but I can offer no independent verification of its accuracy:
    אפאקאיי אמא זונה

  3. I’ll buy the Hanukkah movie argument.
    It isn’t a Christmas movie. Peace, God’s Grace, and Goodwill to men are not themes of Die Hard.

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