03/04/2023 Snippet, A TUESDAY IN VIRGINIA.


Lucas carefully did not chuckle as he put distance between him and the border between Greater Hershey and Virginia. Partially that was superstition: it was never a good idea to gloat prematurely. Mostly, it was because he was trying to keep quiet until he had properly escaped. It probably didn’t matter, but ‘probably’ wasn’t ‘for sure.’ Adventurers preferred to take only deliberate risks, and Lucas Coltrane was very much an Adventurer.

He did end the minor illusion that made his clothes look like a rough approximation of the HSP uniform, since stopping the spell wouldn’t give him away. Besides, it had done its job. The Troopers had been looking for a fugitive, a skulker, or a runner. They hadn’t been looking too hard at diligent fowl-wranglers, and by the time things had started calming down for people to start counting people instead of chickens, Lucas was already across the path. The border fence had barely slowed him down, but he had expected that. Greater Hershey and Virginia were at peace with each other, after all.

What he wasn’t expecting was how different the forest felt. Lucas knew that the Kingdom of Virginia was a magical place, to the point that his own spellcasting would be noticeably stronger here. He was surprised that he could taste the magic in the air. It wasn’t a bad taste. Sort of like moist, cool ozone, with a hint of fresh earth underneath. There was just a lot more of it than he was expecting.

Lucas decided to not worry about it until he had to cast another spell, and kept moving.