Just spent an hour troubleshooting my kid’s new tablet.

We picked up the XPPen Artist12 Pro because both kids are getting deeper and deeper into computer-generated art, and the XPPen looked the best for his needs. It showed up today, and we spent an entertaining hour trying to figure out why it wasn’t getting any signal until I finally realized that the problem was I didn’t have enough going-out HDMI ports. I should be able to free up a port by using a DVI-D 24+1 to VGA conversion cable for the monitor, but that’s going to have to wait until Friday. The important thing is, we know what the issue is, and how to fix it.

…Fatherhood. Fatherhood never changes; only the stuff you have to fiddle with until it works does. I even have the equivalent of a can of old screws to rummage through to find the right one.


2 thoughts on “Just spent an hour troubleshooting my kid’s new tablet.”

  1. Ah yes. The Bin™ of random cables and adapters. Never fiddle around without one!

  2. You need to have Ron Perlman read the last paragraph of this post. Then you can play it every time a “fatherhood never changes” situation comes up.

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