We are at the “sinus pressure and headache” stage of this cold.

Well, I am. Hopefully, the rest of you are avoiding it. This is my first real cold in several years; I had forgotten what they were like. If you don’t remember: they kind of suck.

But! I am getting better. I’m all wheezy and congested, but getting better. Just… taking it easy, that’s all.

8 thoughts on “We are at the “sinus pressure and headache” stage of this cold.”

  1. In addition to the chicken soup, liquids, and dayquil/nightquil combo, I make sure to always have a cough lozenge in my mouth when I’m awake. Keeps everything open that needs to be open and shuts down the coughing which helps more than I ever though possible. A cheap giant bag of CVS lemon honey drops is a godsend.

    1. Epiglottis, or uvula? The worst bit for me is when I can’t breathe because my mouth is full of liquid and I can’t swallow because I feel like I am swallowing my uvula every time.

  2. You’ve already gotten one story idea out of the ordeal. All our fever-dreams should be so productive…..

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