03/24/2023 Snippet, Notes from the 2078 United Nations Antarctic Archeological Survey.

Dun dun dun!

February 10

The drones discovered something in the Shackleton Range. And I do mean ‘discovered.’ Our records have no entries for scientific expeditions or surveys in that particular area, so whatever it is, it is a genuinely new find.

Only, what is it? The anomaly is under a fifty foot snowdrift and is either embedded in rock, or close enough to it that the resonators are only getting basic details. It’s definitely metallic, and arguably regular. The astrophysicists think it could be a meteor, everyone in the Project is scouring the historical record for possible lost or private expeditions, and Claire Bishop in Maintenance is coming up with steadily more obscure conspiracy theories. She has already suggested the Hollow Earth, the Starkweather-Moore Hoax, and Antarctic Space Nazis; no doubt tomorrow she will find something even more obscure.

(That sounds disapproving. In reality, Ms. Bishop is an excellent engineer and technician, as well as in possession of an impressive library of videos. Including a few she only shows to her, ah, companions.)