In the Mail: SEASON OF SKULLS (The Laundry Files).

I do legitimately enjoy these, albeit increasingly for completely different reasons than Charlie Stross might have intended. There’s just something relaxing about reading a horror novel whose author has employed both real effort and genuine skill to show something that he’s fundamentally scared of, and you’re not. It’s like “The Horror at Red Hook:” I can appreciate the artistry of SEASON OF SKULLS, without running the risk of it creeping me out.

I don’t know if that would bug him, or not. After all: the sale gets rung up either way, right? And in paperback, too! That’s extra-special.

One thought on “In the Mail: SEASON OF SKULLS (The Laundry Files).”

  1. While I would prefer to starve big publishing houses.. and while Charlie is annoying.. I will probably buy this.

    I will rationalize it as supporting an annoying but talented storyteller.

    As an annoying but talented being (in a different industry) I feel this is fair.


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