Clarity on the computer tomorrow, hopefully.

I spent the day reconstructing the template for the baronial newsletter from a four year old version and the printout of last month’s newsletter, and it was just as much fun as it sounds. Just as well, though. Nobody was open because it was Labor Day, so it’s not like I had anything else to do with the time.

With any luck I can get an idea tomorrow morning about how long I’ll have to try to do my work with a Chromebook. Spoiler alert: I mostly can’t. Other spoiler alert: I’m cranky and crotchety. Sorry about that.

One thought on “Clarity on the computer tomorrow, hopefully.”

  1. ‘s usually a public use computer or two at public libraries, some hotels have business centers (pc in a carrel) that you can rent hourly, and there’s always fedex .. provided all your files are backed up into the cloud.

    More seriously, computer transition is very difficult, doesn’t change the more computer friendly you get.


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