09/16/2023 Snippet, SEVEN FLAGS.

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“Ah, Jan,” the Emperor replied (That’s right, Liza thought. Jan Bloodyteeth Reiorus.). “You’re late.”

“I’m not the only one, Boss,” Jan reported. “I regret to bear the tragic news that the Venomspitter gens must now choose a new materfamilias. The old one could not bear to live in a world where banditry and armed rebellion were frowned upon.”

“I do hope it wasn’t a suicide,” the Emperor noted. “I’ve been reminded to stamp down on that sort of thing. The priests have been very clear on the subject.”

Jan smirked. “Oh, no, she fell in single combat. Sword, shield, and armor against a masked opponent with twin knives. I’m sure it was all very exciting. I’m sure the rest of the Venomspitters thought so, too. The likely heir is likely already on his way to, ah, ‘address Your concerns.’”

“One hopes.” The Emperor flicked a look at Liza. “Anything you want to interject, Tribune?”

Liza looked at him evenly. “Were the blades poisoned, Imperator?”

“They weren’t even enchanted,” Jan replied. “Or so I heard.”

“Then better a knife in the chest than the noose around your neck.” Liza’s expression hardened. “She was a brigand, after all. A cruel one, at that.”

One thought on “09/16/2023 Snippet, SEVEN FLAGS.”

  1. Every time I see something from this corner of your world build I find myself wondering why nobody else looked at orcs and thought “Roman legions”.

    Tolkein saw orcs in what seem to me to be Persian style units.. with a little variety between rulers.. (Sauron, Saruman) .. you’ve stood that script on it’s head.. and it works even better.


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