12/03/2023 Snippet, TIMMY AND THE FAT MAN.

A little less than planned, but that’s all right.

Oh, boy, thought Timmy. Now I get to climb a fire escape! In the dark. With something nasty up top there. Even after a few years in the School, a big part of him still thought that sounded like fun. It was an adventure, right? Although the adventures never mentioned scraped knees and cut mouths. Timmy knew a few ways to fix that, but they all sucked too much to be worth it for something this small. He’d just have to grin and bear it until he could get back to the School, and let the nurse eat the pain.

Timmy did stop for a second for a second to pop some gum from the School before climbing up the fire escape. It stung his mouth and knee, sure, but whatever was in that stuff at least stopped the bleeding. He hadn’t needed to be told that you shouldn’t leave drops of yourself behind where you’d been fighting, but the School made sure to teach that anyway. Better safe than sorry.

One thought on “12/03/2023 Snippet, TIMMY AND THE FAT MAN.”

  1. Typo: for a second for a second

    Otherwise… the school sounds seriously creepy.

    Looking forward to the complete story.


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