‘Fast Car.’

I actually always liked it. The Luke Combs cover isn’t bad, either. Tracy’s cool with it all, so I’m cool with it, too.

And it was a country song all along, dagnabbit.

Fast CarTracy Chapman


2 thoughts on “‘Fast Car.’”

  1. It *was*.

    Honestly, the thing I found interesting was the way the connotations changed just from switching from a female singer to a male.

  2. To my (admittedly amateur) ear, the song has a flat fifth, which makes it blues scale.
    Living in a shelter isn’t a feature of rural poverty.
    The aspiration to buy a house in the suburbs is diametrically opposed to Country’s “attachment to place” theme.

    If you really squinted, you could say the rootlessness is a theme in Western music, but the song doesn’t have the swing (Western music generally has the distinctive cadence of a walking horse).
    It didn’t have the more modernized “Bakersville sound”.
    And Nashville put a bullet through the back of that pony’s head some 40 years ago. Then buried it at a crossroads. At midnight.

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