02/27/2024 Snippet, THE VISITOR FROM OUTSIDE.

Lets see who buries who, shall we?

“The USOld wasn’t like we get told now, you know.” Zealia told me that fact with slightly horrified glee. Or maybe slightly gleeful horror, like it was some sort of whispered folk tale. “They weren’t always the good guys. They did dark things.”

“Well, sure,” I replied, wishing I could eat in this library. These books were pretty fragile. “Slavery, Old Devil Wilson, the True Gaians. We learned about all of that in school.”

“Sure, but I don’t mean those things. I mean secret things.” Zealia tapped one book on the table. “Like the stories in that one. It’s a bunch of transcripts about some operations the USOld did two hundred years ago against a bunch of cults.”

I thought about “Cults, two hundred years ago… oh. The Reds?”

“No! That’s what I thought, too, but this is even earlier. Before World War II. They were local cults, not taking orders from the Great Provider or anything –”

Right about then I snorted. “I hope not! Come on, you know they made that guy up for the teracts.” 

Zealia waggled her hand. “Sort of yeah, sort of no. The Great Provider really existed, but he probably didn’t sleep in a pool of blood. But that’s not important! Forget him! This is about why we have the Sentinel Dump.”