So, Critical Drinker Loved DUNE PART 2.

Fascinating. I usually encounter Critical Drinker when he is telling me things I need to hear, but don’t want to. But DUNE Part 2? This movie, he liked.

5 thoughts on “So, Critical Drinker Loved DUNE PART 2.”

  1. The people Drinker hangs out with also are only bringing up book-detail level gripes, instead of panning the whole bloody enterprise like usual.
    Griping about book-level details is what we *DO*, so I call that a good sign overall.

    1. Film Threat’s nonspoiler review was consistent. Also had a “don’t know the books” review from Alan.

  2. Finally broke down and watched part one.
    ‘Cinematic’ came to mind early and often. If had a believable scope and place not seen since Jackson’s LOTR.

    Thoroughly enjoyed Oscar Isaac, Brolin, and Aquaman. Wasn’t annoyed by the rest of the supporting cast.

    Thoroughly disliked the simp wimp lead playing Paul. Would have loved to see the kid from Enders Game in the role.

    1. Yeah, not a fan of Chalumet. He must have kissed the right executive ass, because he’s in EVERYTHING right now and underwhelming in all of it.

      1. Indeed – it reminds me of when studios tried to make Josh Hartnett a hot thing in the early 2000’s.

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