04/17/2024 Snippet, FLIM-FLAM MAN.

Guards! Guards!

The guard squinted at his amulet. “That’s a pretty little thing,” he mentioned, not even remotely casually. “God-touched?”

“Not that I know of, watchman,” Gregor replied immediately, trying not to wince at how this conversation was likely to end. “It is but a keepsake of my travels through these fair lands of ours. If it has powers or virtues, they are unknown to me. I say this for all to hear.”

Sometimes hinting that a valuable item might be cursed if stolen kept people from stealing. From the way the first guard laughed, this wasn’t one of those times. “Well, Traveler,” he snickered, “it’ll have one virtue; letting you in. Wall tax, you understand.”

“I do,” Gregor agreed, unfastening the clasp. Easy come, easy go, he thought, letting a little mournfulness show at the sight of a week’s rations and lodging being placed in the guard’s grubby hand. “Is there a token I might show to prove that I have paid my tax?”

“Sure,” the guard snickered again. “You won’t have my foot up your arse as you walk down the street. Now get! You’re holding up the line.”

One thought on “04/17/2024 Snippet, FLIM-FLAM MAN.”

  1. Ah, so in a world where cursed items really *do* exist ( Which I suspect does include this one), Mr. Guard is a prime candidate for being one of those lucky people who gets to demonstrate how such an item works. ( As far as I’m concerned even a 1 in 10,000 chance has a good chance of coming true after 10,000 rolls of the dice!). 🙂

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