My mini-review of ABIGAIL.

Short version: if you’re in the mood for an old-school vampire flick with buckets of blood and not too snooty an opinion of yourself, ABIGAIL should be right up your alley.

Slightly longer version: if you’ve seen the trailers, you know what you’re getting with ABIGAIL; vampires, a locked house, and tons of gore. And you get it! This is not a movie that spurns the practice of pouring blood all over the camera. It’s a good horror flick that isn’t trying to make you throw up or otherwise gross you out. My eldest kid felt it was a rollicking good time, although he’d never put it in such terms. I enjoyed it, too. We need more old-style monster flicks.

One thought on “My mini-review of ABIGAIL.”

  1. Speaking of Vamp flicks – the wife and I finally watched Renfield – more out of boredom than desire – and were pleasantly surprised. The trailers did not do it justice.

    Nick Cage does Nick Cage things (and actually ACTS in the beginning in such a way to humanize a demon so that you can see why he was attracted to the role – – – before devolving into a goofy parody of himself), and the action is over the top in a good way.

    The only real disappointment is the set-ups that never paid off – particularly having a family named LOBO in a horror flick that Don’t turn out to be secret werewolves.

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