MEGALOPOLIS is apparently baffling critics.

I find this to be highly entertaining. The bafflement, I mean. It’s like Francis Ford Coppola is deliberately trying to make critics’ heads snow crash, because at this point of his life, why not? Or maybe… well, Robert Anton Wilson once put forth the notion that every true guru is quietly desperate to have people treat them like gurus. Maybe this is Coppola’s payback for being treated like his excrement didn’t reek*.

So, will I see MEGALOPOLIS? Danged if I know. It may not be showing near me. I might have to wait until it hits DVD.

Moe Lane

*Seriously, that can be annoying.

One thought on “MEGALOPOLIS is apparently baffling critics.”

  1. Having glanced through a few reviews, I’m unsure if I’m interested in seeing it or not.
    Maybe I got an unrepresentative batch, but only one of them bothered to give me any clue what the movie was about. And that one was so generalized as to be almost meaningless.

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