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  1. Moe,
    Saw your comment re McCain/precinct committeeman/Diary/etc.
    Good advice re laying off McCain.
    Will follow.

  2. Moe, I just saw your redhot on Halloran…
    I get the impression from it that you’re a SCAdian. Am I reading is right? And if so, did you make it to Pennsic? What events do you make it to?

    1. Raven: Yes, but no Pennsic this year. I usually do Atlantia (Storvik) events, although I still hit a few in the East (my household’s centered there).

  3. Star Wars the Environmental Version:

    Respectfully, why is it that female space aliens from other planets always have two breasts remarkably positioned in the same place as human earth females?

    Can you please advise?

  4. Hey Moe,

    I remember reading your post the other day mentioning Howard Tayler’s Schlock Mercenary web comic. I got a chance recently to interview Stevens for a PBS piece about how web artists are monetizing their content and whether newspaper cartoonists could emulate them:

    Anyway, I thought this was something you and your readers would find interesting.

    Take care,

  5. Hi!
    Im from sweden, but very interesting in american politics, (conservative offcourse). I read regulary.
    I have a question:
    Do you know if there are som hompage with information about polls/candidates in conservative view, i mean an conservative or an conservative campaigndiaries or an conservative pollster…


  6. Dear Moe,

    While perusing your posts on Redstate, it occurred to me that you might be interested in my work. Our thinking most certainly runs along parallel lines.

    I am the author of dystopian fiction with conservative themes. In my futuristic novels, the protagonists confront political correctness run amok. This includes extreme versions of multiculturalism, the victim industry, declining standards, affirmative action, feminism, post-modernism, scientific hoaxes on a global scale, and the rest of the intellectual decadence that is reducing our civilization to a state of mental cacophony.

    My latest novel is The Kicker of St. John’s Wood. Thomas Bertonneau, professor of English at the State University of New York, wrote in the Brussels Journal that I accomplish “what the likes of Melville and Hawthorne have done: vividly show, through characterization and action, the distorting effects of doctrinal thinking and true-belief on individuals and on the society as a whole….The novel is fast-paced, even while adroitly executing the double-generics of a sports-narrative combined with a thriller. Wolf’s tale nevertheless manages an impressive measure of astute socio-political analysis. Wolf can make a strong point simply by projecting current trends a short distance beyond where they presently stand.

    “Wolf restates the Jamesian, culturally conservative argument on the basis of the last fifty years of Western social history, and in clear terms using intelligently the devices of the popular genres. Readers should hope that Wolf, whose career as a writer is still in a formative period, will enjoy a robust lifetime of authorial productivity.”

    Would you be interested in reviewing this novel (or any of my others)?

    I invite you to read a summary of the book and view other information (including a link to the Bertonneau piece) on the following page of my website:

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Gary Wolf

  7. Moe,

    Considering the couple of articles you posted today at Redstate about the unemployment rate going to 10.2%, I thought you might want to check out what the “real” rate is. Frank Ahrens at the Washington Post has been posting the real figure every month for quite a while, but naturally the press isn’t highlighting it. Here’s the link:

    I also posted a diary at Redstate today showing why, when you adjust all the figures and put back in all of the groups they no longer count as “unemployed,” the more accurate unemployment rate is a staggering 21.4%. Happy Days are here again.

  8. Thanks for the plug you did for Plants v. Zombies a while back. I tried the free version and finally sprung for the full version. Enjoying it tremendously, which is funny since I don’t usually care for zombie-themed games. Two thumbs up!

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