#rsrh Skeletons in Rangel *primary* challenger’s closet?

I say ‘primary’ because the likely Republican candidate – Rev. Michel Faulkner – in NY-15 does not, to the best of my knowledge, has a DUI arrest and two rape accusations hanging over him.  This would make him different from, say, Adam Clayton Powell IV, who is the likely primary challenger (H/T: Instapundit) to Rep. Charlie Rangel; and before anyone complains, it will readily be conceded that Powell was convicted of a lesser charge on the DUI situation.  It will even be readily conceded that the then 41-year old Powell claimed that the two sexual encounters (one of which was with his 19-year old intern) were consensual, and that neither woman (including the one with his 19-year old intern) followed through with pressing rape charges.

Again, I readily concede this.  Sure.  Adam Powell IV only drives almost drunk and gets permission before he schtupps his barely-legal employees.  No worries there, right? Continue reading #rsrh Skeletons in Rangel *primary* challenger’s closet?

Adam Powell IV to challenge Charlie Rangel (D, NY-15).

Revenge is a dish best served cold, it seems.

NEW YORK – The son of a legendary New York congressman has announced he will challenge Rep. Charles Rangel.

Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV told supporters Monday it was time for new leadership in the district, which covers the heart of the city’s Harlem neighborhood.

H/T The Corner, and that’s all the time we should waste on this story of the son of the man that Rangel ousted on an anti-corruption campaign… challenging Rangel on an anti-corruption campaign. No doubt one of Rangel’s children, or at this point grandsons will arise in time to challenge Adam Powell IV in turn, and so it will continue, without end…

Alternatively, NY-15 could just elect Michel Faulkner: that would short-circuit the entire sad, sorry cycle. More on Michel here.

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