With a rousing cry of ‘Terra vult,’ no doubt*.

Mark Steyn, with a little of the class warfare, particularly as it applies to global warming aristos. Or should that be theocrats?  I’m not really an expert in research theology.

One assumes Gar Smith is sincere in his fetishization of bucolic African poverty, with its vibrantly rampant disease and charmingly unspoilt life expectancy in the mid-forties. But when a hereditary prince starts attacking capitalism and pining for the days when a benign sovereign knew what was best for the masses, he gives the real game away. Capitalism is liberating: You’re born a peasant but you don’t have to die one.

You can work hard and get a nice place in the suburbs. If you were a 19th-century Russian peasant and you got to Ellis Island, you’d be living in a tenement on the Lower East Side, but your kids would get an education and move uptown, and your grandkids would be doctors and accountants in Westchester County. And your great-grandchild would be a Harvard-educated environmental activist demanding an end to all this electricity and indoor toilets.

Environmentalism opposes that kind of mobility. It seeks to return us to the age of kings, when the masses are restrained by a privileged elite.

…you know, I think that Al Gore would probably seriously groove to being able to hierophant out with a staff, miter, and long, flowing robes. No, not one made out of hemp: didn’t you hear? Secondhand smoke kills.

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“In 1972, Chicken Little wore a parka.”

That’s the quote of the day, and it comes from McQ of Q&O as part of his post on 1972’s Thing That Was Going To Kill Us All: The Coming Ice Age!

As they review the bizarre and unpredictable weather pattern of the past several years, a growing number of scientists are beginning to suspect that many seemingly contradictory meteorological fluctuations are actually part of a global climatic upheaval. However widely the weather varies from place to place and time to time, when meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age.

Dun Dun DUN!

Moe Lane

PS: Obligatory ‘Deceiver goes off on Al Gore for the Nazi thing‘ reference. Although, I have to admit: Gore knows what his groupies like.

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Al Gore’s notorious Bearkiller cult has a new acolyte!

As all people know, the ecocidal crusade that Al ‘Cubslayer’ Gore has waged against the helpless polar bear has been going on for years, now.


“When the Cubslayer came, my mother curled herself around me and told me to be a good, quiet cub for as long as I could. Then there was a bang, and I could hear laughter, and now it’s cold and my mother is cold and it’s getting dark and I don’t know how long I can be a good quiet cub but HE’S STILL OUT THERE…”

From his remote, carbon-spewing compound the cult leader coordinates a disgusting campaign of Gaia-hating waste and contempt that overshadows even his own personal record of species-murder (a frighteningly high four millibears a year*).  While the fight against these murderous violators of Mother Earth has been difficult – and sometimes, even almost despairing – there was always hope.  But I don’t know if we can still have hope.  The tendrils of Gore’s life-haters have penetrated the government itself.  It goes all the way to the top.

The very top. (H/T AoSHQ Headlines)

Obama won’t fight global warming with bear rules

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Al Gore makes a lot of money off of global warming.

A lot of money. As in, his net worth has increased fifty-fold, and that’s not a typo. Gateway Pundit revisits some commentary by Pro Patria about Al Gore’s relationship with Big Green (a good name, that):

So just what has Al Gore gained from his Big Green escapades? According to public disclosure information, Gore was worth somewhere between $1 million and $2 million in 2000. Not quite eight years later, Gore is estimated to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million. While I ordinarily would applaud such financial gains from such a short period of time, I can’t help but to question just how it happened. When you look out at what Al Gore has done, it’s evident that he figured out on a way to capitalize on the creation of Big Green while becoming the official doomsday prophet that has helped to build Big Green into the monetary powerhouse that it has become.

That post is from 2007, and the number it mentions was also reported here and here (neither unsympathetically, which is the reason why they were chosen): Gateway Pundit is bringing it up again because Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) had some pointed questions to Mister Gore on his business relationships. Human Events had ten more, all of which should be asked by his supporters themselves, and none of which will be. Note that Blackburn did ask some of these questions; also note that Gore evaded them, complete with that patented “the fools denied my greatness! But I’ll show them! I’ll show them ALL!” smirk that he reserves for situations like this. I have to admit; if this is Gore’s revenge scenario for America it’s going well.
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Al ‘Bear’s Gore-Spiller’ spurns Earth Hour.

No word yet whether he sacrificed a penguin to the Dread Demon Ozone Hole again this year.

Via Hot Air, I see that notorious, bloodthirsty polar bear-murderer Al Gore is up to his usual environmental violations – take that any way you like – in the pursuit of his destructive lifestyle:

Drew Johnson, president of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research —the same organization that also found Gore’s home consumes 20 times more electricity than the average household — told Yeas & Nays that Gore’s Belle Meade-section mansion did not go dark during the global campaign’s designated hour between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Johnson did admit that although it wasn’t as bright as can be, Gore did have on “a dozen or so” floodlights on his trees, a light shining on his address number, and a noticeable “bluish glow” from his powered-on televisions and computers coming from inside his house.

That bluish glow was probably actually Cerenkov radiation: Gore’s just the sort of Gaia-denying hypocrite to have a secret nuclear reactor in his basement. After all, a man who’d have a kill rating of four millibears a year from his personal lifestyle alone can’t be trusted at all. Besides, as the photo to the side shows, he’s not even willing to turn off the light that shows his street address. As if any one in the area could miss it, what with the unholy glow of his profligate energy potlach obscuring the clean, night-time Tennessee sky. Continue reading Al ‘Bear’s Gore-Spiller’ spurns Earth Hour.