Ben Jealous embarrasses self, NAACP at Gridiron Dinner.

Via Hot Air comes this Dear God, but I wish there was video unforced error at last week’s Gridiron Dinner.

The distinguished-looking gentleman told [NAACP President Benjamin] Jealous he thought the NAACP Legal Defense Fund lawyer, Debo P. Adegbile, had done a fine job arguing that [certain elements of the Voting Rights Act] needed to be continued[*].

Sure, but what happened to the solicitor general? Jealous wondered aloud, he was just awful.

Well, I am the solicitor general, Donald Verrilli Jr. replied.

Ben Jealous missed a bet, here.  If you’re going to be stuck in this kind of socially awkward situation, you might as well blast on through to the other side.  Of course, that would imply that you have a certain strength of character and willingness to stand by your inadvertent speaking truth to power, which from what I gather more or less disqualifies Ben Jealous right there. Continue reading Ben Jealous embarrasses self, NAACP at Gridiron Dinner.