It’s almost a shame that this Democratic national gun buyback scheme is DOA.

Charles W Cooke has worked out how useful such things (in this particular case, a 125% reimbursement of market value) are with admirable speed: “Were I so minded, I’d just use the money on the debit card to pay for the things I have to buy anyway, and then buy all my guns back with the money in my bank account that I hadn’t had to spend.” …Yup, that’s how it works. With the extra wrinkle that ‘market value’ is a flexible concept, given that the gun control people desperately need to buy back as many guns as possible for propaganda purposes.

So you take your worn-out guns, get new-gun prices for them, get an extra 25% off of that, and use the money to buy new guns and more ammo.  This happens all the time when they do buybacks.  You can even talk about it in public, because, well, the Left doesn’t let its smart people go fight in the gun control arena…

DRINKING THEIR OWN INK BY THE BARREL FULL: Democrats Introduce Bill to Buy Me Some Brand New Guns….

Why I am not impressed with the average IQ of rabidly pro-gun control people, Part XIX.

I have to – read: “happily” – agree with Jammie Wearing Fools: gun-grabbers just ain’t that bright.

Organizers have canceled a gun buyback at the request of Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle, who said Colorado’s new gun laws would make the Aug. 4 event nearly impossible to stage.


A stricter law that went into effect July 1 requires buyers to go to a licensed firearms dealer and undergo a background check. The InstaCheck systems used in the checks are not mobile, which means they couldn’t be used at the sheriff’s compound where the buyback was planned.


Essentially, for the event to work, Pelle said the group would have to find a licensed firearms dealer to host the event and then pay the dealer per transaction, “which becomes very unproductive,” he said.

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