It is the Glorious 25th of May.

A day long-remembered in Discworld history.

All the little angels rise up, rise up.
All the little angels rise up high!
How do they rise up, rise up, rise up?
How do they rise up, rise up high?
They rise heads up, heads up, heads up, they rise heads up, heads up high!

Moe Lane

#commissionearned. Here is also a link to the Alzheimer’s Association, for sadly obvious reasons.

It is also the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May.

This is a Discworld holiday; if you’re curious about it, the details can be found in Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch. Which is… really rather good. Even by Discworld standards. Admittedly, I am very ecumenical when it comes to Pratchett; I can’t think of a Discworld novel that I actually disliked.