…I don’t know what to tell you about this Google Glass story.

It kind of lacks a clear-cut answer.

As if you needed another reason not to wear your dumb Google Glass in public—or ever, actually—an Ohio man claims he was yanked out of a movie theater and interrogated by federal agents, who believed he was illegally filming the movie with his face computer.

Let’s see… the cops apparently acted like cops increasingly do in this country (this is not a compliment); the movie theater chain doesn’t have a good policy on Google Glasses; and the guy walked into a movie theater wearing a video camera. Prescription or not… what the heck did he think was going to happen? – Which, again, doesn’t mean that the cops get to be overbearing, or the movie theater chains get to dither about the new technology. It just means that you should leave your head-mounted video cameras at home when you go out to the movies.  Or at least pack them away and wear your backup regular glasses.

I know, I know. First World Problems.

Moe Lane