So, Virginia’s new commerce secretary Maurice Jones comes pre-‘under investigation’ed.


My first reaction? “Well, that was quick.”

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s commerce secretary Maurice Jones improperly lobbied Congress as a member of the Obama administration, according to an internal federal investigation launched by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

…Oh, wait, it happened last year.  Apparently the guy thought that it was OK to use his position as a HUD deputy secretary to lobby against upcoming legislation.  Naturally, the Department of Justice decided not to prosecute – squashing internal investigations is what Eric Holder is there to do* – but one wonders why Terry McAuliffe didn’t vet his appointees bettHAHAHAAHAAHAAAAAHAAAA :snort: sorry, I couldn’t maintain a straight face for long enough.

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“Wear a wire.”

That’s Glenn Reynolds’ advice to anybody who feels obligated to attend a joint Treasury/HUD meeting called for July 28th to address the mortgage crisis.  Given that the letter that was sent out is only ‘requesting’ attendance by the most charitable of interpretations (when two Cabinet Secretaries send you a letter about your presence at a meeting, you’re expected to show up), that should be pretty much the top mortgage servicers.

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I’m actually kind of pumped about the Ron Sims pick.

Deputy HUD Secretary testifies in election fraud case” makes for a much sexier headline than “County executive testifies in election fraud case.”

And before people start arguing that the Master loves us, and would never betray us that this is a nonsense lawsuit, please note that as King County Executive Ron Sims is already directly responsible for “blatant violations of the state Public Records Act” – so blatant, in fact, that the courts keep sending the case back in order to keep upping the fines.  So it’s not as if Stefan’s own case (which is likewise based around FOIA requests, and the allegation that Sims had delayed fulfilling them in order to help the Democrats win the 2004 Gregoire/Rossi race) is exactly sui generis, is it?

Ed Morrissey doesn’t ask the question, so I will: what was Obama’s vetting team doing for the last few months?  Playing World of Warcraft? I understand that Wrath of the Lich King came out at what would have been the worst possible moment for their job productivity.

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