Philly doctor Lee Silverman shoots murderer at ‘gun-free’ hospital.

So, here’s the situation: guy with mental issues gets a gun and starts a rampage at a Philadelphia hospital.  He shoots his caseworker (who later died of her wounds), then goes after a psychatrist named Dr. Lee Silverman… who promptly pulls out a gun from his desk and puts several bullets in the man, being wounded himself in the process.  Mind you, the entire site is, of course, a gun-free zone.

The Christian Science Monitor is trying, here.  It’s really, legitimately trying to concede the point that Dr. Silverman stopped a shooter before he could kill more people, and that everybody officially involved admits that. But I still have to point out this admittedly-small blind spot.

…the Pennsylvania hospital gunfight is already being recounted at least by some gun owners as a telling anecdote about life in a heavily armed nation where 60 million people suffer from some kind of mental-health problem.

For one thing, police are still trying to figure out why [Dr. Lee] Silverman was armed in the first place since bringing a gun to work is against the rules at the hospital.

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