Interesting: GOP’s John Lujan wins Texas legislature special election.

The San Antonio district was a Democratic one, and heavily Latino, and John Lujan won it.  By the skin of his teeth, mind you.  This is why you always go and vote:

If it’s important enough to have an election, it’s important enough for you to vote in it. And there’s always going to be somebody who you don’t like who would very much like you to stay home. Always always always. It’s pretty much a physical law of the universe, in fact.

Vermont gubernatorial election is going to the legislature. With any luck: hijinks will ensue.

Hee.  Vermont’s gubernatorial election is going to the legislature:

Under the Vermont Constitution, candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and treasurer are required to win a minimum of 50 percent plus one to be elected directly. If not, the race is decided by the Legislature.

In the history of Vermont, 23 previous elections for governor have gone to the Legislature, which nearly always gives the election to the candidate who won the most votes. There have been three exceptions, the last one in 1853.

And Peter Shumlin didn’t get the votes, so there you go.  This actually happened to Shumlin in 2010, too: so he’s probably assuming he’s a shoo-in.  But if I was a troublemaker in Vermont, I’d be getting the GOP delegation to go to the Progressive delegation and ask if they can think of a Democrat not named Peter Shumlin that would be acceptable to them. Solely because you take your pranks where you can get them – besides, it might even work.  Probably not, but either way you’d get people in the Vermont state legislature screaming at each other for a week, which is not an insignificant thing to pull off.

Moe Lane