It’s a heck of a thing when PEREZ HILTON calls you out…

for hypocrisy and message sabotage; and even more of a heck of a thing when he’s justified in doing it.

Background here.  Seriously, Dan Savage: you’re doing it wrong.  If you can’t talk civilly about Christians, don’t talk about them at all.  That’s the cultural rule that we have for bigots right now, and we see no reason to make that rule less restrictive.

Patterico to Perez Hilton: Bring it.

He’s responding to Hilton’s attempt to sanitize away his bad behavior towards Carrie PreJean via the use of bogus copyright infringement claims against a YouTube video that featured his comments. Patterico’s response? he’s rehosted the video on his own channel and is now daring Hilton to come after him, too: he’s even ready to contemplate a lawsuit.

Speaking as a supporter of same-sex marriage, my response is: good.  Perez Hilton hurts the SSM cause every time he opens his mouth.  I couldn’t find a worse public spokesman for this debate if I tried for a week.  More to the point, he’s guilty of precisely the same kind of bigotry that he accused Ms. PreJean of having, and I’d like him to go back doing… whatever it is that he does.  If he really wants to help, he needs to SHUT UP and APOLOGIZE.

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