#rsrh So. ‘Rogues of K Street.’

If you’re wondering about this Playboy article about the crazy BAMFs plotting and doing black-bag operations under the concealing shadow of the Tea Party movement: well.  I would say, based on what I know already, and who I’ve talked to in the past, it’s:

  • 20% BS;
  • 40% pure gold;
  • and the rest I can’t swear to.

And that’s in terms of claims, not factual details; the article gets the facts pretty much right (again, at least the stuff that I know myself*).  For example, everything that Aaron Gardner quoted (H/T) is perfectly accurate.

Moe Lane

*I’m not really a go-to guy for the black-bag stuff.  I hear things, but mostly I just do my candidate interviews and the odd piece on zombies and so forth.  Hell, I probably don’t even know the person who wrote the article in the first place…