Just a reminder: Democrats wanted Bush to fail in 2006.

Links via Hot Air. Here’s the first question, exactly as it was offered:

Contra Ed, though, the Sister Toldja post actually indicates that a bare majority of Democrats were pro-victory in 2007. Which is nothing to be proud of, considering that we were right and they were wrong, but expect the shouting to start over that. Besides, it’ll keep them from admitting to this:

21. Do you think most Democrats want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed and lead to a stable Iraq or do they want it to fail and for him to have to withdraw U.S. troops in defeat?
SCALE: 1. Most Democrats want Bush plan to succeed 2. Most Democrats want Bush
plan to fail 3. (Some want one thing, some another) 4. (Don’t know)
(Some one,
Success Failure some another) (DK)
16-17 Jan 07 32% 48 8 11
Democrats 42% 38 7 12
Republicans 21% 67 7 5
Independents 30% 42 11 17

…translation: even the Democrats were at best evenly divided over whether their party wanted Bush to succeed. The rest of the country was under no such illusions.

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