New tablet question: #ipad, or #surface?

The iPad is starting to have that ‘can’t keep a charge’ problem; it’s still fine for the kids, though.  I’ll be honest, though: I’m hearing enough good things about the Microsoft Surface that it’s a definite possibility. It’s fun making the iPad act outside of the parameters forced upon it by Steve Jobs… but, well, maybe it’s time to get off of that train.

Now, if either Apple or Microsoft wishes to influence my decision – which I will of course social media about, ad nauseam – well, they can always contact me about that.  This isn’t politics: I can be… persuaded.

This MS Surface Tablet thingy looks interesting.

Enough that I may look into it when it becomes time to replace my iPad 2.  I am not planning to pick up an iPad 3; the advances aren’t enough to justify dropping that kind of cash, and neither is the swank factor.  But if the Surface is really this good at content creation… well, there’s a limit to how much fun I can glean from trying to make the iPad act like a computer.