I wish you all a good Memorial Day weekend.

It’s going to be busy around here until Monday, so: light posting. Beautiful weather here, too. So go enjoy some of it, if you have some.

Moe Lane

PS: My wife and I hit the National Cryptological Museum this morning, because it was, like, two minutes to one of our favorite food/bar combinations and we’ve been talking about going to it for decades. Turns out that… it was worth going to. The NSA’s got some cool stuff there, and a lot of it isn’t behind glass. Some of it, you can even fiddle with.

My only complaint was that the gift shop didn’t have mugs with “No Such Agency” on them. I would have bought a few, for gifts.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We’re not doing any traveling, because the kids have just finished their first week back and they have zero interest in going anywhere. Since I have zero interest in making everybody’s lives miserable by making us go on a trip, I’m fine with this. But we’re going to go into vacation mode here, too. Everybody: enjoy the nice weather and relax. I’ll be around here when I am.

A reminder: this site isn’t that important.

Go have a hot dog, or a burger, or maybe some potato salad. We’re having lasanga for the big dinner, just as soon as people come back from the traditional trip to the surplus store. Heck, I’m contemplating having another can of beer. Why cans? Heck, why not?

See you folks tomorrow. Unless I think of something interesting to say today, of course.