#rsrh Let me be blunt about the NAACP petitioning the UN…

to interfere in voter registration reform programs in America.

  • As per Ed Morrissey, the UN does not have the authority to interfere.
  • The United States does not particularly need any ‘help’ with ensuring fair elections.
  • Even if we did, the UN’s core competencies do not extend to ensuring fair elections.
  • And if we ever do need help in the UN’s core competencies – which is to say, raping children and screaming at Israel – I’m sure that we have the UN’s contact information around here somewhere.

That’s all.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s a freaking photo ID card.  You need one to buy cigarettes, drink beer, rent a car, and/or fly anywhere.  The Republic will survive requiring citizens having one in order to vote.