More on the California Water Waster Fink Squads.

Remember that thing I wrote yesterday about how Long Beach, California was going Full Metal Snitching on ‘water wasters?’  Guess what!  Yup, it’s going statewide:

…the California Water Resources Board plans to lay out a more detailed water restriction policy. One will include a statewide system where people can report neighbors or business owners who waste water. That system is expected to be up and running in the next few weeks.

The system is ‘online,’ which to me at least says ‘anonymous.’ That means that it also kind of shouts the ‘Get even with your enemies!’ that any self-respecting internal security apparatus needs to function.  Which would be bad enough, but the fact that we’re seeing this sort of thing being set up implies how the state government of California plans to handle the drought. Continue reading More on the California Water Waster Fink Squads.