WaPo: Oh, by the way: the NSA lied about not spying on Americans. Oopsie!

Remember when the Obama administration had good weeks?

NSA chief, two weeks ago: ‘We’re the only ones not spying on the American people’

The National Security Agency recently asked Verizon to turn over telephone metadata for tens of millions of Americans, the Guardian reported Wednesday, based on a leaked court document that appears to show an NSA request for customer data from April through July.


Talk about awkward timing.

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EFF is *very alarmed* that Obama is… Obama, really.

When I read articles online, I sometimes play a game called How soon will it take me to say something aloud to the monitor? (yes, I have dumb names for some of the things that I do): doing it can give me an idea of how goofy the article is. In this one (“In Warrantless Wiretapping Case, Obama DOJ’s New Arguments Are Worse Than Bush’s“, via Instapundit), I didn’t make it past the first sentence:

We had hoped this would go differently.

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How *is* that ‘Digital Libertarians for Obama’ thing working out for people?

(Via Instapundit) I don’t know off the top of my head whether Cory Doctorow actually drank that particular Kool-Aid, but there’s an astounding amount of whining and denial taking place in the comment section to his critical post about Obama and wiretapping.  Between the “the Master loves us and would never betray us” contingent and the “they’re all pawns of the establishment!” contingent, there’s endless opportunities for schadenfreude.  Which we should restrain ourselves from indulging in too deeply… for quite cynical, pragmatic reasons, such as “some of these people can be encouraged to vote their class interests.”  Which is to say, Republican: because right now the dig-libs are going to get a much better level of pandering from us than they’re going to get from the Democrats.  The latter isn’t even bothering with lip service at this point.

Yes, that means “selling out.”  As Michael Flynn once noted, that means the same thing as “growing up.”

Moe Lane

PS: Besides, the way things are right now if the dig-libs decided to infiltrate county and state GOP organizations they wouldn’t just get away with it.  The existing power structure would give them all free sodas.

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