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It’s not doing its usual insane growth, but Mickey D’s isn’t losing money, either:

McDonald’s profit tops view, sales growth slows

NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – McDonald’s Corp reported a quarterly profit that handily topped Wall Street estimates, but said it saw growth in some overseas markets soften as a U.S.-led recession went global.

Shares of the world’s largest hamburger chain were down 0.5 percent in afternoon trade after falling as much as 2.6 percent earlier in the session.

McDonald’s posted a 5.8 percent rise in worldwide December sales at restaurants open at least 13 months.

The results are still ahead of most other restaurant operators, but mark a slowdown from the company’s own November and October results, when McDonald’s said same-store sales rose 7.7 percent and 8.2 percent, respectively.

Essentially, it’s suffering from the recession like everybody else, with softening sales worldwide, but the Golden Arches is getting good mojo out of its dollar menus and the way it tweaked its delivery systems. And make no mistake about it: Corp. keeps a very close eye on its franchisees. I was a spatula serf for them for seven years, and even back in the far-off days of the 1980s the company believed in keeping track of everything, everywhere, all the time. Probably hasn’t changed, except for better computers. And although it’s not as bad as the Mouse (nobody’s as bad as the Mouse), it doesn’t like to be messed with: if Card Check ever passes Congress, only to die in the real world, it’ll be because the clown rammed a grill scraper through its chest.

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PS: For those of you who might be vaguely interested in seeing the gaming potentials of playing urban fantasy magicians working at the most powerful fast food restaurant chain on Earth, may I suggest Break Today, which is a game supplement for the highly entertaining roleplaying game Unknown Armies?

Hey, remember: unapologetic nerd.

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