GURPS Vorkosigan for April 2009?

Steve Jackson Games is saying precisely that, and it’d be nice to see.  Oh, they’re calling it “The Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and RPG,” but that’s so that people who are Lois McMasters Bujold fans first and roleplaying gamers… pretty much not at all… will buy the blessed thing.

If you are not a Bujold fan, or a Vorkosigan series fan, then I suggest that you rectify this error at your earliest possible opportunity.  It’s good space opera in general, but what elevates it to something special would have to be  some of the characters: they’re some of the best-crafted that you’ll ever encounter in science fiction, and Bujold herself has a refreshing willingness to treat her created societies on their own terms, and not necessarily ours.  Plus, she hates idiot plots*.  That’s worth something right there.

Moe Lane

*Defined as “any plot narrative that can only work if nobody ever takes five minutes to ask three or four simple, straightforward questions of anybody else.”  Distressingly common.


  • Niall Shapero says:

    However, GURPS Vorkosigan (under whatever title they’re going for now) has been “in work” for something like eight years now as I understand it. The publication date has been moved out SEVERAL times and, while I continue to check for it on the STEVE JACKSON game site, I don’t have much hope for it. (The principal designer/writer of the game began work on THE DRESDEN FILES RPG some time ago, and THAT project seems to be no nearer completion now than when it started several years ago). One can hope, but … I for one will believe it when I see the hard copy on my gaming shop shelf.

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