Quote of the day: Arlen Specter edition.

If he keeps it up at this rate, by the 2010 campaign season, Specter will be so helpful that he’ll have tied up Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and left him buried in the desert surrounded by fire ants.

Gail Collins, and that’s really the best part. The rest is fairly standard blathering about how wonderful the Democrats are, whining about how awful Joe Lieberman, and a not-quite-concealed weary anger at having to show a very minimal courtesy towards Specter now.  That last bit is all too familiar to anybody on my side of the partisan divide that’s had to grit his or her teeth over Specter’s antics for the last few years, and I can’t say that any of us are missing not having to do it any more.

So have fun with that!

(Via Jennifer Rubin, who is frankly more interesting to read anyway.)

Moe Lane

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