I’m done with health care posts until Monday.

It’s a fascinating topic, and a very important one – but it can wait a day or two. I sincerely doubt that anything really essential’s going to take place on Sunday and I’m tired of having to concentrate on it. Because I don’t have to.

So: District 9. Anybody see that yet? I was going to, then not going to based on the first reviews, but the reviews are coming in and they seem to indicate that the first reviews were all written by people smoking crack. Opinions?


  • Joshua says:

    My best friend and I have seen most of the good movies this summer (ex: UP, Transformers, Star Trek, Terminator) and he saw it yesterday and said it was the best movie of the summer. I’ve heard a lot of other good reviews about it, so I’m going to see it Monday or Tuesday.

  • Skip says:

    Buddy of mine saw it this afternoon, said that to a certain extent the politics were in your face, but that even so he really enjoyed it.

  • Brett says:

    See it. It’s a very well done, very well executed movie. One note of caution: A good portion of the movie is shot in the hand-held, “documentary” style effect. It’s similar to how “Cloverfield” was shot, but no where near as annoying or nausea-inducing as “Cloverfield” was for some people.

    And the politics may be “in your face” to some extent, but since the movie is an allegory for apartheid, I think the politics need to be out in front, for an American audience. We don’t have all the cultural and personal background that a South African audience would, to pick up on subtle references to politics or to apartheid.

  • Kevin says:

    All of my friends who have seen it say I gotta see it, for what that’s worth.

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