Movie of the Week: District 9.

District 9 was gratifying not least because I didn’t have to get worked up about having the stereotypical Evil Corporation In League With The Government being the main villain; it wasn’t my country’s Evil Corporation or my country’s Government, after all. Besides, it was a good movie.

And so, goodbye to 2012. Without a qualm.

District 9? …Worth watching.

I had flip-flopped on seeing it, but enough people commented on it favorably for me to give it a shot.

My general impression?  No Star Trek, but worth seeing in theaters.  Shaky-cam doesn’t particularly bug me, but I don’t think that it was used all that much; and any deeper political message could be safely ignored as being probably about South Africa anyway.  With those two potential deal-breakers out of the way, what was left was a decent flick about alien refugees where we didn’t have to deal with the Numinous Other.  The aliens were alien, and not all that nice; humans, not very nice either; and the lead was basically a schmuck who had to be dragged from being a mere protagonist to hero status.

Matinee it if you’re on a budget, but it’s worth seeing in theaters.

I’m done with health care posts until Monday.

It’s a fascinating topic, and a very important one – but it can wait a day or two. I sincerely doubt that anything really essential’s going to take place on Sunday and I’m tired of having to concentrate on it. Because I don’t have to.

So: District 9. Anybody see that yet? I was going to, then not going to based on the first reviews, but the reviews are coming in and they seem to indicate that the first reviews were all written by people smoking crack. Opinions?