The Wired/Yuan Brothers interview.

Probably the funniest interview that you’ll read today; almost certainly funnier than the flick that they’re going to be in.  A taste: After the Observe and Report premiere in Austin during South by Southwest, there was some awestruck talk about your zombie-fighting plan. What is the plan, and what part did it play in your getting hired for the roles?

John Yuan: The plan is to make it to a hardware store near our home. It’s a fort, but not an obvious choice like a mall or police station. It has everything we need for short-term survival as well as the tools we’ll need to carry the seeds of civilization out of the hellhole that L.A. is going to turn into.

Matt Yuan: We hate to say this, because it’s kind of our trump card, but yes — Jody did hire us because of our zombie-survival plan. In fact, our plan has gotten us hired dozens of times.

John Yuan: Well, that and our Adonis-like physiques.

Via AoSHQ, which also had this:


I don’t know: new background image?

Moe Lane

PS: If you don’t have a zombie plan, get one. Also: ooh…


  • matt says:

    Make sure you ZSP* can adapt to the diffrent sorts of zombies. Max Brooks’ book only covers one type of zombie, but be prepared for demonic possesed corspes and smart predator types too.
    Head for the larger hardware store, if you can. They have more raw materials then the Mom & Pop stores.

    Also, the film that the’re plugging was released in April, 2009.
    (*zombie survival plan)

  • Moe_Lane says:

    It did? I could have sworn that the trailer for it on the DVD rental suggested that it was coming soon. Ach, well, will fix.

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