It has now been *ten* months since the Wasilla Church Burning.

I posted on this three months ago – and in those three months: if there has been anything done by the current government in investigating this hate crime that would merit an update, I haven’t found it.  Somebody attempted to murder several women and children via arson, and it’s becoming depressingly clear that that person (or persons) has gotten away with it clean.

This offends me.  It should offend you.  If it doesn’t, I don’t really care what your excuse is.

Moe Lane

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6 thoughts on “It has now been *ten* months since the Wasilla Church Burning.”

  1. It is offensive, the people who did it should be locked away.
    Have you tried contacting the Wasilla police, the Central Mat-Su Fire Department or even the the Alaska State Troopers for an update?

  2. Now, if it had been a black church in Alabama or Mississippi which was was torched, the FBI, CIA, Interpol, and every other law enforcement agency in the free world would be on it, and the NY Times would have a full-time reported still on detail to the area to cover the story. CNN camera trucks would of course still be posted at the ruined building, with hourly updates being fed to Wolfe Blitzer.

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