Good morning, Rep. Barney Frank.

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This is a marijuana leaf.


As you can see, it’s quite distinctive.  Dried, it looks like this:


I mention this so the next time the cops show up to bust your boyfriend for pot possession, you’ll at least know why they’re there.

The part I don’t get is: if this happened in 2007, and you’re trying now to get a medical marijuana bill through Congress… surely somebody would have shown you what pot at least looks like since then, right? As part of the preliminary briefings, and everything. Instead, you still don’t know how to recognize it, apparently.

It’s all very mysterious.

Moe Lane

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18 thoughts on “Good morning, Rep. Barney Frank.”

  1. Are you in favor if the admenedment to Controlled Substances Act that Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) in reguard to marijuana?

  2. Ya know, there’s got to be more to this. A crooked dem in New England has got to have better connections than this.
    Barney either set his honey up in order to break up with him or vice versa. Maybe, the Maine anti-tinkerbell landslide extends to known individuals and the cops now have a dragnet. Maybe some former middle-class folks who commie Barney ruined set them up.
    Could be a bunch of things but there has to be more!

  3. There is of course one explanation that is entirely fair to Congressman Frank and takes him at his word: he is too stupid to tie his shoes. He is so disconnected from the world around him that he cannot safely traverse a public sidewalk. Thanks, Massachusetts!

  4. Sorry, I just double checked my info and I was incorrect.

    The amendment is on James Web’s (D-VA) bill for a comission to look at our entire criminal justice system, top to bottom, and make recommendations for reform.
    The proposed amendment to that bill that would prohibit the commission from considering any changes to the Controlled Substances Act.

    1. Ah. Matt, my quick answer is that I don’t know, except for my default assumption that nobody in Washington is ready to revamp the War on Some Drugs.

  5. I wonder what would have happened to you or me if we were sitting on that porch step when the cops arrived on this bust. (hint: arrest + jail + charges + court + fines, etc) Seems some in the land of the free are free-er than others.

  6. Actually, the leaf is correct, but the picture captioned “Dried, it looks like this:” is of dried flower buds, where the THC is significantly more concentrated.

  7. Moe, Moe, Moe, Moe, you’re losing all of your stoner cred. The second photo is not of dried marijuana leaf, but of marijuana bud, a different, and much more potent, part.

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