Corzine to take over Bank of America?

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I can’t possibly imagine how this could have any negative consequences.

Corzine Staff Is Already Preparing To Take Over Bank Of America

Jon Corzine is definitely open to running Bank of America.

There haven’t been any formal talks between the outgoing New Jersey Governor and the board of Bank of America, according to news reports. Part of the reason for this might be that the chairman of the board, Walter Massey, is on vacation.

In fact, if Corzine needs help with filling the board of directors I understand that both Jim McGreevey and Eliot Spitzer are currently available. For that matter, starting next year so will be Ed Rendell, James [David – oops!] Paterson*, and probably Deval Patrick… wow. That’s a Rogue’s Gallery almost worthy of Batman.

Moe Lane

*The Democrats can either toss him in the primary, or we can toss him in the general. Whichever.

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13 thoughts on “Corzine to take over Bank of America?”

  1. * Please note: this should read “David” Paterson (NY Gov), not James. I’d rather IT WAS James Patterson, but unfortunately that’s not the case!

  2. The bottom will fall out of BOA stock. Should I dump what I have been holding on too, waiting for it to go back up? Or buy more when the price goes down because he won’t last long? Advice?

  3. William Jefferson could help them recruit a new low-cost labor force from his new neighborhood…

  4. Unfortunately, Deval Patrick may actually survive, thanks to the life-support status of the Mass. Republicans. There is no one left in the state but core Democrat constituencies: unemployed job-seekers, welfare-dependent job-avoiders, and state and municipal employees (which is a repeat category).

    Entire families of productive private sector workers have moved, often to NH (which is a threshold state for MA escapees, given its comparatively low tax burden) and then to the Sunbelt.

    Even the state workers have had it with Patrick, but they need an alternative to vote for, and the Republicans are too enervated and anaemic to offer one. What you’re seeing is the decline of a one-party state, the Zimbabwe of the Northeast.

  5. Great! I have no balance on my BOA card so I can close it the moment Corzine climbs aboard. Arnold will soon be available as an experienced chief financial officer. Hasta la vista, Baby!

  6. First, I can’t see Corzine living in Charlotte. He just doesn’t seem the NASCAR and BBQ sort. Though, he does like to drive fast…

    Second, if he becomes CEO, I will close all my BofA accounts pronto. My family has had accounts with North Carolina National Bank aka Bank of America since 1966. NCNB was only founded in 1960 so we are OLD customers.

  7. Have they ruled out Chris Dodd yet? He’s up for re-election next year and may not hold his seat. I understand Dodd is a real whiz at finance.

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