I don’t often fisk…

…and I almost never bother with Maureen Dowd, but this paragraph is impossible to resist. Dowd on the President, and why he should act more like THAT WOMAN (no, really):

He’s a highly intelligent man

Actually, he’s a reasonably intelligent man. 130 IQ, tops.

with a highly functioning West Wing,

Err, no. I’m drawing a blank on things that the executive branch haven’t messed up, lately. These people can’t even manage an Easter Egg roll properly.

and he’s likable,

He’s likable enough. I guess.

but he’s not connecting on the gut level that could help him succeed.

This implies that he ever did (a statement that will no doubt confuse people not on my side of the aisle).

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “I don’t often fisk…”

  1. Connecting with mere mortals would be beneath the dim one. The difference bwtween a president and Obama is that a presiden doesn’t feel he is better than tne nation he leads.

    Ike went to Korea. Dubya want to Ground Zero. The dim one had Air Force One buzz the Statue of Liberty.

  2. Yet, Sarah hops off her bus at 11:45PM to make a suprise visit to thank the people camping out to sign her book. THAT is connecting.

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