Actually, Reid/Pelosi don’t need 60/218 Democrats to pass health care reform.

They only need twenty Democratic Senators, and forty-one Democratic Members of Congress.  I think that we’ve demonstrated that the GOP can take care of the rest.

The terms?  Bless your heart, why would either of them care?  They can just send over that nice Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma to do the negotiations; we’ll send him back with a bill that they can browbeat enough of their caucuses to vote for.  Then they can have a nice press conference where they pat themselves on the back for being bipartisan, the President can keep telling himself that he’s relevant, and we stop the Democrats from doing something stupid with their current Congressional majority.  Everybody wins.

Well, everybody who matters.

Moe Lane

PS: No, we’ve heard the Democrats’ ideas already; we’re seeing us going in a different directions.  Just their votes will be fine.

PPS: Of course they won’t do this.  But they could.