Sarah Palin, William Shatner, and an Illuminatus! reference*.

Half the right-sphere has linked to this by now, but I’m going to put it up anyway, because I have to quibble with Allahpundit: this isn’t really revenge on Shatner.  He was in on this.

And good on him.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know if THAT WOMAN is running in 2012.  Based on that clip and other outside observations, I now think that THAT WOMAN is going to be stumping for candidates in 2010.  And that she’s going to be a net benefit for the GOP in doing so.

And if anybody from the Other Side tells you that they’re looking forward for her to do precisely that, ask them in your sweetest, most dulcet tones if they were equally looking forward to us being out of Afghanistan and Iraq by now, too.  Or us closing down FISA.  Or… well, you get the point.

*Time for a Illuminatus! quote again. Really: if you don’t get it at first, keep thinking about it – and when you do get it, you really will

…”As for the rest of you – who can tell me, without uttering a word, the fallacy of the Illuminati?”

A young girl – she was no more than fifteen, George guessed, and the youngest member of the crew; he had heard she was a runaway from a fabulously rich Italian family in Rom – slowly raised her hand and clenched her fist.

Hagbard turned on her furiously. “How many times must I tell you people: no faking! You got that out of some cheap book on Zen that neither the author or you understood a damned word of. I hate to be dictatorial, but phony mysticism is the one thing Discordianism can’t survive. You’re on sh*twork, in the kitchen, for a week, you wise-ass brat.”

The girl remained immobile, in the same position, fist raised, and only slowly did George read the slight smile that curled her mouth. Then he started to smile himself.


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